Starting in [1997], A PAINTING WIZARD,INC provides clients with more than "A" hands on Painting experience. Our company is known for bringing creative vision and an incredible sense of space to your home or business.

Quality starts with the proposal.  An Itemized Scope of Work, a Break Down of Scope Items with Descriptions of Methods, Materials, and Equipment, Project Schedules and Itemized List of Exclusions.

Professional Contractor

Protect the exterior of your home or commercial building by working with our company... Get advice on how to best preserve the interior or exterior of your home or commercial buildings from the ravages of time, weather and other environmental factors.

A good contractor can make all the difference in how the materials will best serve your needs.  That is critical to protecting your investment in your most valuable assets: your home or commercial building.

Wouldn’t you love to come home to a house that welcomes you with the feeling of comfort and beauty?  Whether your house is newly constructed or you purchased it from a previous owner, making it safe and comfortable is an important consideration in making it a reflection of you and your family as well as protecting it from the elements. The same impacts any commercial structure, single or multi-family building.

Good surface preparation is the first step to durable and long-lasting results and a reputable contractor can help you make sure it is done right.  The second step is to use a high quality materials. Since different surfaces require different levels of preparations and materials, it is important to discuss your home improvement project or commercial project with a professional contractor who has expertise in proper surface preparation and is knowledgeable about a wide variety of products and materials. A Painting Wizard, Inc. is ready to do just that as your contractor of choice. Let us make it a point to offer the best to you our client; without shortcuts, without compromises to quality.

Professional Guidelines:

1. We are licensed and insured, and follow professional ethics and standards.
2. We provide a detailed proposal.

Our clients should schedule a time for us to inspect the site and give you an estimate for the project. If you are choosing to get multiple estimates, make sure that all the contractors are quoting on the same specifications on the areas to be painted, surface preparation, the number of coats, and specific products to be used.  The lowest bid may not be your best choice.

3. We provide references.

4. We are a reputable company with a trained crew leader or foreman on location and I the president and owner personally will oversee all projects with general oversight preventing problems and creating solutions. Our agreement is our obligation.

5. We provide a written contract.

A written contract is good insurance to protect both parties.  The contract details the scope of work for the project, including what surfaces are to be painted and what level of surface preparation is included.  It may also state what is not included. The total price of the project and payment arrangement are clearly stated.

6. We offer labor and product warranties.

7. Safety is Important.

We conduct safety training and have policies in place to protect employees, your property and your family while they are working with equipment, hazardous materials or any material.  We provide MSDS sheets and EPA information for our clients and for our company taking appropriate safety measures.

8. Remember that communication is a two way street.

Are we easy to contact? yes --Do we respond in a timely manner? yes---  On your side, make sure to respond promptly to anything we may need from you in order to ensure a timely completion of the project --- for example, return contracts and color selections promptly, comply with requests for  pre-project preparation and of course, pay on time.

9. We are committed to education, professionalism, and the community.

10. Trust.

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